In her fine art photography book Melt, Eva Sköld Westerlind shows the changing natural forms as they appear in their cycle of decay and renewal during winter’s transition to spring. Photographed with the lens turned toward the ground she captures meaningful signs, marks and patterns in the melting snow as nature presents its annual regeneration. Pine Needle Books, Bellevue, WA, 2015.

Poetics of Light: Contemporary Pinhole Photography

Eva Sköld Westerlind’s photographs are included in Poetics of Light, selections from the Pinhole Resource Collection by Eric Renner and Nancy Spencer: Museum of New Mexico Press, Santa Fe, 2014.

Carrying the Farm on Her Back

Carrying the Farm on Her Back is an intimate portrait of three generations of Croatian women working and celebrating as women have for centuries in the mountain villages of former Yugoslavia. Sköld Westerlind’s text, which is woven from the women’s own words, and her photographs, which capture the rhythm of their days, combine to make a moving statement about strength, hope and the bonds of work and tradition. Rainier Books, 1989.