The focus of my art has ranged from alternative photography and pinhole camera tableaux to close-up digital imagery from the natural environment, abstract snow-melt formations and reflections captured in the water of lakes and streams. All my artwork contains aspects of my exploration of the surreal and our perceptions of illusion and reality.

In my series Anableps, I explore the water tension of lakes, ponds and streams, where I search for indications of certain properties of water that intrigue me. I seek to capture close-up scenes from the water surface that reveal the beauty and mystery when light meets water in these natural settings.

To capture the images, I place the camera on the water using the perspective from the surface, like Anableps, the so-called four-eyed fish, that can see above and below the surface simultaneously.

This series of images evolved from my fascination of water that has followed me from my childhood. Perhaps it began at the Baltic Sea in Sweden, where I grew up and the sea and the river were the center of my daily life. With playful curiosity I explored life by the shores, but living close to the sea and river also instilled a respect for and a profound fear of the powers of water.